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Environment Report January 2021

TABS as usual has been keeping a watch on environmental matters, working with local authorities where work by them needs to be done.


Regarding Manor Field Pond, we have requested Harborough District Council to provide a digger for the annual removal of excessive vegetation, both in the pond and its surrounds. Hopefully that will be in January. A recent audit revealed 60 different plant species there, which is good news for biodiversity.


As regards tree replacement planting, the Parish Council has replaced two trees on Telford Way Green and one each on Church Green and the Pub Green.


The TABS scheme for a bush planting scheme on Telford Way Green is postponed because satisfying the County Council's requirements for permission to implement it has raised insurance issues.


TABS has continued to liaise with the different authorities regarding the West end of Telford Way to address rubbish dumping, tree maintenance and maintenance of the footpath into the city. The County Council Forestry Dept have now agreed to investigate tree maintenance, liaising with HDC regarding the clearance of the rubbish there, as the tasks would involve both Councils. 


In conclusion, another satisfactory year. TABS is always open to suggestions for other environmental work.


Judith Lord

6 January 2021



Marsh Marigold by Manor Field Pond in early April

Flowers at Manor Field Pond

September 2020


Planning Report for Website 6 January 2021


The draft Harborough District New Local Plan, covering locations for the extra houses deemed necessary up to the year 2031, was adopted on 30 April 2019. No housing beyond existing permissions was planned for Thurnby and Bushby, but a development of 1200 houses on the site of Scraptoft Golf Course, known as Scraptoft North, was included.  The outline plans for this are currently being consulted on. TABS has submitted its comments, objecting to the extra traffic which would come our way, and at the proposed inappropriate location of the school away from the housing.

The Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan for the period to 2050 covers ideas of how the County should develop. Initially a 'growth corridor' for new housing round the east and south side of Leicester was proposed, served by a new road called the A46 Express Way. A body called Midlands Connect were promoting the road but they have now decided that the proposed route is too long and in their view would not be used by long distance traffic which would continue to use the existing route. It remains to be seen what the Growth Plan will now be.


Local Planning Applications -  the current position is:


Jelsons' site off Pulford Drive in Thurnby is complete and the 128 houses occupied. The trees which died have now been removed and will be replaced and plans for planting in some of the open spaces are being developed.


Jelsons continue building the approved 130 houses off Pulford Drive the other side of Thurnby Brook in Scraptoft parish.


Bloor Homes continue building the approved 275 houses off the Uppingham Road in Bushby, and over 50 are occupied. Building is now in the field north of the dismantled railway line.


Harborough District Council are currently consulting on a proposed Care Home on the site of the Garage and the adjacent pair of semi-detached houses on the Uppingham Road. It is proposed to be 4 storeys high and to fill the majority of the site. It would be the biggest building in the parish, and TABS has objected that this would be overdevelopment of  the site. We also objected to its height, its institutional appearance and that it would overlook neighbouring properties. We suggested a slightly smaller scale of property.


Revised plans were submitted in September 2020 reducing the number of rooms from 76 to 73 in order to make minor changes to the building. TABS objected that the revised plans did not address any of  the major concerns raised for the original Application and re-iterated their objections. No date has been fixed for a decision. To comment go to and search for Ref 20/00370/FUL.


Trees at 9 The Spinney, Thurnby

There is a small wood at the corner of Grange Lane and The Spinney which is covered by a Tree Preservation Order. Some of these trees are believed to be  the cause of cracks appearing in the nearby house. It is proposed that the prominent group of 9 Corsican Pines should be felled. TABS suggested a compromise to fell only those nearest the house. A decision is planned to be made in February.


Mike Lord

6 January 2021

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