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Environment & Planning


Environment Report - December 2022

Pressure on the local environment never ceases. The Society continues to
respond to plans, questionnaires and planning applications affecting the wider
area. This helps to make sure decisions made are based on the full facts to get
the best outcome.
Manor Field Pond was properly cleared in the Autumn and set up for the year
ahead. It’s now nicely filling with water. It is hoped that tree work will take
place in the adjacent woodland area which will help to lessen the demand for
water from the pond. This will help to keep water in the pond throughout the
year. More plants will continually be planted in the area round the pond.

Telford Way
The planting scheme on the Green has survived a difficult first year with the
hot summer. When established there will be a range of colourful bushes. In the
meantime, may I appeal to local residents to keep up the watering!
Tree work is awaited on the Northern embankment facing Kinross Avenue.
This, and other problems at the West end of Telford Way are slowly being
addressed now that land ownership and therefore responsibilities have been

Footpaths and Greens
Dialogue is in progress, both with the Parish Council and our local District and
County authorities, as to how these should be permanently maintained.

Judith Lord



Manor Field.jpg

Marsh Marigold by Manor Field Pond in early April

Flowers at Manor Field Pond

Flowers MFP page 1.png
Flowers MFP Page 2.png
Flowers MFP page 3.png

September 2020


Planning Report - December 2022


TABS continues to be involved with planning at both the strategic and local level and has responded where these would adversely affect the area.


The current position is:


Jelsons' development off Pulford Drive in Thurnby

The Public Open Space is proposed to be managed by Thurnby & Bushby Parish Council and the terms for this are the subject of protracted negotiations.


Bloor Homes are building the approved 275 houses at Charity Farm off the Uppingham Road in Bushby, and over 200 are occupied. Bloors are under an obligation to provide services etc. for a shop on the development but it is understood that no-one currently has expressed a wish to run the shop. Bloors are also obliged to provide a football pitch and allotments. A Planning Application for these on a linked site across Thurnby Brook in Scraptoft parish is awaiting decision. TABS has objected that the site is too remote.


A 73-bed Care Home on the site of the Garage and the adjacent pair of semi-detached houses on the Uppingham Road was approved on 28 April 2021 in spite of objections from TABS and many others. The site has been purchased by Cinnamon Luxury Care. Clearance of the site is underway and TABS has expressed concern that the underground tanks must be correctly removed.


The Hub, Manor Field

St Luke’s Church proposed to rebuild and extend the defunct Pavilion on Manor Field to bring it back into use as a café and function rooms. The plans include relocating an enlarged car park to a section of the recreational area off the road entrance. Whilst TABS agreed that it would be good to have a working pavilion, we objected that the ambitious plan took too much out of the play area for its car park. The plan was unanimously approved by the HDC Planning Committee in February 2022, although the permission is subject to off-road parking for contractors and all other users of Manor Field being provided prior to commencement of works. We think it would be difficult for this condition to be satisfied.

Mike Lord

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