Planning & Environmental


Environment Report May  2021

TABS as usual has been keeping a watch on environmental matters, working with local authorities where work by them needs to be done.


Manor Field Pond continues to thrive, now home to 60 plant species both in and around the pond and that is apart from the range of insect and bird life observed. The many hours of hand weeding and cutting back last year has paid off and the area is under control as far as we are able. There are now three of us looking after the pond. The big disappointment was that HDC failed to allocate one day for the digger to do the annual clearance. Efforts are being made now to get HDC to commit to do this is early Autumn as otherwise the pond will deteriorate. Also we hope the front trees can be pruned to let more light into the woodland area.


Regarding the bush planting scheme for Telford Way Green, this has now been delayed until the Autumn. It has been difficult to draft up the required consultation letter to Telford Way residents that satisfies both the Parish Council (the potential applicant for permission) and the County Council (the land owner) and TABS!


There has been progress on the litter and tipping issue at the west end of Telford Way. A Telford Way resident has come forward with a view to work with other locals and the local authorities to somehow clear the litter and permanently stop the tipping. At the moment HDC is to conduct a site visit and formulate a plan for the whole of Telford Way. The County Council has already agreed to do tree work and look into the state of the footpath and steps into the City.


Tree replacements by the Parish Council have happened and from now on tree issues are best addressed by the Parish Council. After their Annual Parish Meeting they will have new tree wardens, one of whom has set up an environmental working group. We are liaising on the environmental issues in the parish.


In conclusion, progress has been made but as yet the various works to be done have not been completed.


Judith Lord



Manor Field.jpg

Marsh Marigold by Manor Field Pond in early April

Flowers at Manor Field Pond

Flowers MFP page 1.png
Flowers MFP Page 2.png
Flowers MFP page 3.png

September 2020


Planning Report May 2021


TABS continues to be involved with planning at both the strategic and local level and has responded where these would adversely affect the area.


Planning decisions at local level are made against the Policies decided at National level. So strategic consultations are a chance to influence those future National Policies.


Proposed Government revision of the Planning System

In Autumn 2020 the Government consulted on its proposed fundamental reform of the planning system in order to enable the rapid provision of their perceived need for 300,000 new houses per year. There were two documents: a White Paper ' Planning for the Future' and 'Changes to the current planning system' as an interim measure until the full reform can be realised. TABS responded in detail to both of these, making the point that they disagreed with the need for these houses. They also disagreed with the proposed erosion of local consultation in order to speed up planning approvals.


The Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan for the period to 2050 covers ideas of how the County should develop. The earlier idea for a new road round the east and south side of Leicester called the A46 Express Way has been dropped as it would not achieve its purpose of improving traffic flow on the A46. It remains to be seen what the Growth Plan proposes for this area in the absence of that road.


Leicester City New Local Plan

Leicester does not have enough sites for the number of new houses required by the Government. There are no definite plans but we assume sites in Harborough District may be required.


Turning to local Planning Applications we have, as usual, checked these throughout the year and responded to HDC on any which might affect the parish as a whole or might set an unwelcome precedent.  TABS does not get involved with individual house extensions except when these are unacceptable large and overbearing for the adjacent properties.


The current position is:


Jelsons' development off Pulford Drive in Thurnby is complete and the 128 houses occupied. The public open space is proposed to be managed by Thurnby & Bushby Parish Council Parish Council and the terms for this are currently being negotiated.


Bloor Homes are building the approved 275 houses at Charity Farm off the Uppingham Road in Bushby, and over 50 are occupied.

Last September the proposal for a 76 bed Care Home on the site of the Garage and the adjacent pair of semi-detached houses on the Uppingham Road was amended to be 73 beds. It was still proposed to be 4 storeys high and to fill the majority of the site, so TABS responded that their previous objections still stood. These included overdevelopment of the site, incongruous scale and functional appearance, lacking vehicular access to the rear for emergencies and overlooking neighbouring properties due to its height. To TABS disappointment, after a long delay, the proposal was approved on 28 April 2021.


9 The Spinney, Thurnby.  In the back garden of this property was a group of 9 Corsican pines, part of a group of trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order, They were implicated as the cause of cracks in the house walls and permission was sought to fell them all. TABS objected that they were a significant group of trees and queried the need for them all to go. The application was approved.


Firs Farm, Thurnby.  TABS objected to the proposal to build a large bungalow and separate annex building in the field behind Firs Farm. We considered it to be undesirable backland development which had a dangerous access across the busy hardstanding area of The Square. The application was approved.


TABS will continue to respond to future consultations and planning applications where appropriate.


Mike Lord